The fusion of art and technology

We are always thinking about the collaboration between art and technology because this collaboration is the only way to create something new.

DPX Analytics

DPX Analytics is a tool for investigating DPX header information for the professional contents creation workflow. Because of historical and technical reasons, many applications don't handle most of the fields in the header which keeps their interoperability. Because of that, the values become broken.

In the professional contents creation workflow, sometimes we have an issue with header and application and the handling of the media contents. We should focus on both sides of the problem. However, most of the applications don't provide effective information for fixing the problem. Most applications don't let you see the metadata values, so we can't figure out the true reason of the issue.

That's why I am developing this 'DPX Analytics' tool. You will see all of the header values with this tool and will probably discover new things in the output. Okay, Let's start using the tool.

since 2017

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Basketball Game for volca sample

"Basketball Game for volca sample" is a simple yet powerful software, purely focused on transportation for KORG volca sample. You will discover new KORG volca sample possibilities with this software!

This software has q unique user interface which allow users to create new style instantly with a super smooth transportation of audio sample files. Comparing to those great software for volca sample already in the market, this software has achieved to have a smooth transportation by only focusing on a single feature.

since 2019

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